Stakeholder Consultation on financial incentives paid to approved processors

Since late December 2011 and up to February 2, 2012, OES has actively solicited input on financial incentives paid to approved processors, from:

  • Stewards, remitters and sub-remitters
  • OES-approved collectors
  • OES-approved processors


Through this consultation, OES has solicited stakeholder feedback with the intent to assess incoming information to ensure that incentive levels are fair in the marketplace and to improve program efficacy. We thank all stakeholders who provided feedback and input fron this matter. With the conclusion of the input portion of the consultation, OES is now assessing responses prior to developing and releasing the final PI rates. New PI rates will be announced: TBD

To all approved processors, collectors and stewards, remitters/sub-remitters

Due to the Minister of the Environment’s February 9th direction to WDO, OES is placing the PI Consultation and rate review on hold. As information becomes available, OES will provide additional updates on the effects of recent events on our program.

Key Dates

  • Pan-stakeholder question/comment period – closed at 5:00 p.m. ET, Thursday, February 2, 2012
  • General PI backgrounder and fact sheet posted Wednesday, January 18
  • Aggregate stakeholder feedback, report on consultation results and announce PI rates: TBD
  • PI rates go into effect: April 1, 2012