In 2010, OES created a WEEE Stakeholder Forum to establish regular dialogue with OES Service Providers in the development and implementation of various changes to the program. Since then, groups of Collectors, Processors, and Reuse/Refurbishment organizations have taken part in regular meetings to address key issues and establish new protocols and procedures that work for the benefit of Service Providers, Generators and the program as a whole.

For 2013, OES has refocused the Stakeholder Forum with the launch of a new Stakeholder Working Group Series. In an effort to increase the effectiveness of ongoing dialogue with stakeholder organizations, OES is conducting monthly specialized meetings with Collectors, Processors and Reuse/Refurbishment organizations on a rotating basis.

Working Group Goals

Through this process, OES aims to fulfill commitments set out in the Processor Incentive Program Reform report, namely to:

  • enhance communications and relationships with stakeholders
  • consult with and/or address topics of concern relevant to specific stakeholder groups
  • engage in open and productive dialogue with stakeholders on program or process improvements

Topics of Concern

The Stakeholder Working Group Series is designed to solicit input and feedback on key items outlined in the Processor Incentive Program report and others that may arise in the course of the working group process. The sessions will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss new issues, to develop and test solutions and jointly solve problems in a way that benefits all parties and the program as a whole.

Last Meeting of 2013:

Stakeholder Working Group: R&R Organizations
Date: Friday, December 13, 2013
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Venue: Teleconference
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Stakeholder Working Group Overview.


The Stakeholder Working Group Series solicits the input of OES-approved Collectors, Processors and Reuse/Refurbishment organizations. Newly approved stakeholder organizations are invited to participate in these meetings.


A calendar of Stakeholder Working Group rotating meeting dates for 2013 (subject to change with notice) is posted here (see above right). OES distributes an invitation to registered contacts for each stakeholder working group approximately one week prior to the meeting date, and asks that group members confirm by registration when invited if they will be able to take part in each meeting.

We encourage all respective OES Service Providers to make note of the key dates and plan to attend.