The Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS) is currently embraced across Canada as the standard for evaluating and validating re-use and recycle operations by WEEE programs managed by Electronic Products Recycling Association (or “EPRA”). The electronics industry has recognized the need for standards to ensure the safe and environmentally responsible handling of all EOLE. As a result, a proactive approach was taken in 2003 to implement a standard which is now in place in all nine (9) Canadian Provinces that have legislation regarding the handling of WEEE. This standard is regularly reviewed and enhanced and is now in its 4th version since the inception 10 years ago. The Standard is incorporated in the Recycler Qualification Program (RQP) and typically audited by the RQO for the provinces.

RQO will manage all recycler assessments and approvals on behalf of these programs. The establishment of a national office is intended to provide a streamlined application and approval process for perspective primary recyclers, while undertaking recycler assessments in a timely, detailed, thorough, and objective manner.

The Recycling Qualification Program (RQP) under the RQO is in effect to handle all new applications for processing end-of-life electronics (EOLE) as well as changes to any existing approvals. In addition, re-assessments for OES-contracted Processors must be operating to the ERS.

Changes to existing approvals and new applications are now handled through the Recycling Qualification Office. Visit: for details.

NOTE: An assessment and approval under the RQP, by the Recycling Qualification Office does not guarantee a Recycler a contract with OES, nor does it guarantee any allocation of OES’s material. Following verification under the RQP, the Recycler must apply to OES for approval for use. Only after receiving a copy of the Recycler’s Statement of Verification will OES negotiate or re-negotiate a contract to have the Recycler provide services to the program.

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