Please be aware that the following list of enhancements took effect on May 1st, 2014. These changes simplify the monthly reporting process and provide a more streamlined experience for our Stewards, Remitters and Sub-Remitters. If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 1-888-646-1820 ext. 11.

System Changes

  1. The link to the OES reporting system has been replaced and the new reporting system link was emailed to all Stewards, Remitters and Sub-Remitters on April 28, 2014. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. Monthly reporting in the new system commenced with April 2014 reports.
  2. For security purposes, all users were emailed a unique link to set up a new password and security question before entering the new reporting system. All company information and historical reporting data was migrated confidentially to the new system by OES. The only action required of our Stewards, Remitters and Sub-Remitters was to set up a new password and security question once the migration was complete.
  3. All companies in the OES program were assigned a unique steward number for identification purposes.
    • The steward number replaced your 4-digit application ID. Companies will be asked to identify themselves with the new steward number.
    • The steward number has the prefix RON, followed by six numeric digits.
    • Previously, only companies taking part in the Remitter’s Process were assigned RON steward numbers. Moving forward, all companies will be assigned a RON steward number.
    • If your company was previously assigned an RON steward number, we will try our best to keep the existing number. If your company currently operates in another EPRA program, we will try to match your steward number for your convenience.
    • On April 28, 2014, OES sent the steward number assigned to your company through email.

    Please note that the RON steward number does not indicate that a company is participating in the Remitter’s Process. Companies need to ensure they are entering into Remitter’s and Sub-Remitter’s Agreements with one another through the reporting system in order to have a valid Remitter or Sub-Remitter.

  4. If your company is currently reporting to OES as well as other EPRA electronics stewardship programs across Canada, you are now able to report and remit for multiple provinces using one user login.
    • We are able to offer this convenient feature as the new reporting and remittance system is already in use in seven other provinces across Canada.
    • If we have identified that you already possess an account in the system for another province, you will see your user account linked to multiple provinces.
    • If your account was is identified as matching another user account during the system migration, Customer Care will be able to link your user accounts once the migration is complete so that you may report and remit for all programs using only one login. Simply email us at in May with your request.

    Changes to Reporting

  5. Companies will only need to report the net quantity of obligated products they supplied into Ontario and/or are responsible for reporting and remitting on behalf of another Steward or Remitter. In the new reporting system, companies will not be asked to enter units exported and/or returned separately in the reporting form. For monthly reporting, simply enter the net quantity (i.e. total of supplied obligated products less current period obligated product returns and exports) in the reporting form. If companies do export material, they will be asked for proper documentation during the review process by OES.
  6. Prior Period Product Returns – In the event of product returns from periods with different fee rates, companies will be able to request for credit from OES. Companies are encouraged to report net quantity of obligated products supplied wherever the Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) remain the same. However, in the event that a product return occurs after the EHF have changed, companies may request for credit from OES in the new reporting system at the correct EHF rate. All such requests will be validated by OES Customer Care.
  7. Companies will no longer need to enter methodology during monthly reporting. The methodology portion has been removed from the monthly reporting process. Companies must continue to maintain documentation to be provided for routine audits as required.
  8. There is no need to list multiple divisions for a single company. If you have any concerns, please email us at

    Changes to the Remitter’s Process

  9. In the new reporting system, Remitter’s and Sub-Remitter’s Agreements must be initiated by the supplier organization. This means that the supplier of obligated product requests a company downstream in their supply chain to report and remit on their behalf. For example, a Steward may initiate a Remitter’s Agreement with a Remitter/Sub-Remitter to whom they sell product.

    Changes to Payments

  10. When paying your invoice by EFT or wire transfer, please include the OES steward numbers when paying your account. Your former four digit application number has been replaced by a RON###### Steward number.