b'2.0 STEWARD INDICATORSTABLE 1.0 B - SUPPLIED FOR USE IN ONTARIO ACTUAL UNITSSupply to the Market20182019 Product Actual EEEActual EEE Reported Reported(Units) (Units)Display Devices 2,207,780 2,283,677Desktop and3,489,596 3,710,640Portable ComputersPrinters and21,390,756 23,127,562PeripheralsFloor-Standing Printing/Copying18,762 19,705Devices2.2 STEWARD/REMITTERS COMPLIANCE OVERVIEWOES compliance efforts are in place to ensure thatSteward compliance comprises several aspects:designated Stewards and Remitters comply with program1. Identification of Stewards that are obligated to requirements and their obligations under the Waste Diversion Transition Act 2016.report but are not registered with OES.2. Ensuring obligated Stewards have filed monthly The section below provides information on risk management approaches to compliance. Our Stewards,reports as per OES requirements and the Rules for Remitters and other stakeholders share a mutual interestStewards with Respect to the Payment of Electrical in compliance designed to reinforce program fairnessand Electronic Equipment (EEE) Fees under the and protect program integrity. Wherever required, OESWaste Diversion Act (WDA) and the Waste Electrical employs a range of approaches to enforce complianceand Electronic Equipment (WEEE) program plan.consistent with the terms and conditions of our3. Verification of the accuracy of the reports filed.agreements, the program plan and related rules. All compliance risk management efforts are posted on our website and presented in Table 2 on the following page. This table captures activities throughout 2019.10'