b'2.0 STEWARD INDICATORSTA B L E 2 .0 - ST E WA R DS / R E M I T T E R S2 0 1 9 M O N I TO R I N G & CO M P L I A N C ETypes of Steward monitoring and compliance activity:1. Identify potential Stewards2. Ensure OES revenue recovery3. Verify units reported/fees remitted2019 Stewards/RemittersMonitoring & Compliance ActionsNotification mailers 51Current quarter status report of notification mailer:40declaration - obligatedCurrent quarter status report of notification mailer:11declaration - not obligatedOutstanding notification mailers issued since program inception 414Current quarter, notification mailer obligated, late filers 0Notification mailer, outstanding filers 0Compliance audits - performed 50Compliance audits - in progress 1111'