b'4.0 PROGRAM ACCESSIBILITYOntarians wishing to recycle their end-of-life electronics have access to the robust OES collection network of approved and affiliate sites and events.The table below provides a summary of accessibility in 2019.TABLE 5.0 - SUMMARY OF ACCESSIBILITYOES Collector Sites Actual 2018 Actual 2019Permanent locations - municipal 390 373OES collection sites added- municipal 15 18Permanent locations - non-municipal 4 589 529OES collection sites added - non-municipal 4 43 22Permanent Sites, Net 979 902Special Event - public/municipal 64 62Special Event - non-municipal 250 227OES Round-up 4 2Total Event Based 318 291Total Generators865 886Total Sites & Events 2,162 2,0794 Non-municipal refers to non-municipal sites and does not necessarily mean that these sites are open to the public16'