b'5.0 PROGRAM PERFORMANCEOES continued to deliver its accessible and environmentallyOur WEEE Program Plan reported an overall program responsible WEEE diversion program throughout 2019,recycling rate of 84% of the collected materials sent for safely, securely and responsibly diverting 48,124 tonnesend-of-life management through approved OES Processors. of electronics from Canadian landfills in the last year.This rate represents the total percentage of materials that This represents 3.58 kg collected per Ontario resident inwas diverted from landfill during the recycling process. 72019. Since the programs inception in 2009 to the end ofFor a detailed break out of materials, please see Table 7.0. 2019, 603,454 tonnes of end-of-life electronics have beenFor a detailed summary of the total recycled material after processed and diverted through the program.efficiency rates have been applied. View Table 8.0 on the Effective February 1, 2019, the Ontario Environmentalfollowing pages.Handling Fee (EHF) was changed to $0.00. The change toAs per the direction of the Ministry of Environment and $0 was a result of tax refunds received by OES followingClimate Change, the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) a tax ruling, and, by the virtue of program efficiencies,program will cease operation as of December 31, 2020. the surplus is now sufficient to fund the OES operationsUntil the program ceases operation, OES is pleased to through to wind up (December 31, 2020).provide safe, secure recycling for all Ontarians. Throughout 2019, OES has continued to focus on building7 The difference between collection and recycling is material that awareness across the consumer and business sectorsis not diverted for recycling purposes. This includes materials that are by communicating the importance of safe and securedisposed of because of no or low recoverable value (e.g. treated wood from console televisions), recovered in slag but not used for another electronic recycling and resource recovery. In 2019,purpose (i.e. landfilled) and organic materials that are lost in the smelting OES continued to utilize Electronic Product Recyclingprocess (e.g. plastics that are consumed as energy and not recovered).Associations (EPRA) award-winning, consumer facing brand, Recycle My Electronics to elevate the publics awareness about the importance of electronic recycling. From the first year of operations until now, OES has raised the program awareness to 70%, representing an increase of 16% since the first report on awareness in 2009. This is a positive indication that the resources and channels used to promote and educate have worked. 19'