b'5.1 REUSE & REFURBISHMENT5.1 REUSE & REFURBISHMENTA total of 23 organizations representing 25 OES reuse sites participated in reuse collection in 2019.TA B L E 9.0 - S U M M A RY O F R E U S E / R E F U R B I S H M E N T AC T I V I T Y I N 2 0 1 9Material Category 20182019 Actual Kgs Actual KgsDisplayComputer Monitors 529,387 503,505Devices Display Devices 506,452 336,186Desktop Computers 1,210,329 1,506,974Portable Computers 342,076 292,695Computer Peripherals 697,854 634,419Desktop Printing, Copying and Multi-Function Devices 73,787 91,191Telephones and Telephone Answering MachinesCellular Devices and PagersPersonal/PortableImage,Home/Non-PortableAudio & VideoHome Theatre in a Box (HTB)DevicesAftermarket VehicleFloor-Standing Printing, Copying and Multi-Function DevicesTotal Material Categories 3,359,885 3,364,97023'