b'6.0 PROMOTION & EDUCATIONPromotion and education remain crucial elements of the awareness strategy for the OES WEEE Program. These initiatives support all activities across the program and are essential for informing Ontario residents about the importance of recycling their end-of-life electronics safely and securely. Promotion and education also provide information on safe and convenient drop-off locations.OES was able to expand on existing media partnerships in 2019. Messaging around resource recovery and ease of recycling electronics remained a primary focus again this year with significant promotion occurring during Earth Week and Waste Reduction Week. EPRA/Recycle My Electronics brand and materials were again leveraged by OES in 2019 to increase public awareness and engagement in Ontario.6.1 QUALITATIVE MARKET RESEARCH & PROGRAM AWARENESSOES commissioned a program awareness survey in 2019. The survey research was conducted among adults living in Ontario. The data is weighted to reflect the adult population of Ontario by region, age and gender. Survey results show that program awareness increased to 70%, representing a 1% growth between 2018 and 2019.TA B L E 1 0.0 - P R O G R A M AWA R E N E SS R E S E A R C H R E S U LTS2019 Program Awareness 1834 3554 55+70% 74% 70% 66%2018 Program Awareness 1834 3554 55+69% 73%70% 66%25'