b'2.0 STEWARD INDICATORS2.1 STEWARD OVERVIEWStewards (obligated companies) or Remitters (companies who have assumed the reporting responsibilities from Stewards) must register, report and pay fees to OES based on units supplied into the Ontario market.All manufacturers, retailers, distributors and other suppliers of regulated electronic products in or into Ontario are obliged to register with OES and pay fees to fund the costs of the OES program.TABLE 1.0 A - SUMMARY OF STEWARD INDICATORS2019 STEWARD INDICATORSNotified companiesNotified companies since program start during the year Total Stewards/Remitters/ 5,243 51 Sub-RemitterTotal units reported Total fees remitted 1,02629,141,584 3,490,451STEWARD INDICATORS Active Remitter/Cancelled Remitter/Total New AgreementsSub-Remitter Agreements Sub-Remitter Agreements6,302 132 10 Remitter Agreements10 Sub-Remitter Agreements Steward Self-ManagedTotal Kilograms of Electrical and ElectronicWaste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Equipment (EEE) Units Self-Managed859,608 190,523 kg recycled 887,161 kg reused/refurbished 9'