OES Board has approved amended OES Program Wind-Up Plan with an end-date of December 31, 2020.

The Wind-Up plan has been shared to RPRA and approved on August 16, 2019.

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Service providers in the OES program provide key roles in collecting, transporting, consolidating, processing, refurbishing and/or reusing accepted materials under agreements with OES. If you are new to the program, please review each category of service provider to determine which activity(ies) best describe your operation:

  • Collector
  • Recycler/Processor
  • Reuse/Refurbisher
  • Transporter/Consolidator

If you plan to provide more than one service under the OES program, please be sure that you can meet the standards for each activity that you offer.

The first step to becoming a service provider for OES

New service providers need to apply and register with OES to begin the approval process to be a part of the program’s recycling chain. After you submit your registration, OES will conduct a site evaluation, and review your application for approval.

Please note that you must apply for each type of service.

For more information:
Operational support
1-888-646-1820 ext: 12