OES Generator FAQ

An OES Generator may be a private sector, non-profit or government organization that contracts directly with and is registered by an RQO-approved, OES-contracted processor. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about generators and their role at OES.

Source documentation is collected solely for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the program. In the event that personal information is collected, generators must (i) obtain consent from individuals for the collection, use and sharing of their personal information for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the program, (ii) ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to protect the personal information and (iii) otherwise comply with applicable privacy law legislation.

For reference please see the Privacy Toolkit: http://www.priv.gc.ca/media/2038/guide_org_e.pdf

No. The Ontario Electronic Stewardship trademark and RecycleMyElectronics.ca logo may not be used without the prior consent of an Ontario Electronic Stewardship’s authorized communications representative. The OES and RECYCLE MY ELECTRONICS marks are the property of Ontario Electronic Stewardship; unauthorized use is prohibited.

OES may, at its sole discretion, authorize the use of its OES Generator identifier when an OES Generator wishes to promote its organization and business relationship with OES. OES Generators seeking permission to use the OES Generator identifier must submit a written request to OES Marketing via email at marketing@ontarioelectronicstewardship.ca.

An OES Generator is a private sector, non-profit or government organization that contracts directly with and is registered by an approved OES Primary Processors to handle its residential and/or IC&I electronic waste generated in Ontario.

Interested generators may contact an approved OES Primary Processor of their choice. The Generator Site, with support of their Processor, registers on the OES MTS system and signs the Generator Standard. Any questions with the registration process can be directed to: oesoperations@ontarioes.ca

See the list of currently active and approved processors on the RQO website.

No. OES-contracted processors offer incentive arrangements to the OES Generator contracted with them. OES pays financial incentives to OES-contracted processors through its Processor Incentive Program.

Yes. OES Generator can be registered by one or more OES-contracted processors; each of whom is expected to provide a unique Generator Site Number, issued by OES, per generator.

No, all arrangements for pick-up, transportation, packing supplies and processing are to be made between the OES Generator and the processor who it has contracted with.

No. Generator sites or events to be added must contact Operations team at oesoperations@ontarioes.ca.

Yes. See the Generator Site Checklist and the Generator Standard.

OES monitors its Service Providers for compliance to standards and contracted obligations. Any processor participating in the OES program must meet its accountabilities. If an OES-contracted processor is suspended or terminated from the program, that processor will be de-listed from the OES web site.