OES Board has approved amended OES Program Wind-Up Plan with an end-date of December 31, 2020.

The Wind-Up plan has been shared to RPRA and approved on August 16, 2019.

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An OES Generator may be a private sector, non-profit or government organization and it contracts directly with and is registered by an RQO-approved, OES-contracted processor to handle its residential and/or IC&I electronic waste generated in Ontario through the OES Processor Incentive Program (PIP).

How Being an Generator Works

All OES Generators must be registered by an OES-contracted processor through OES Operations and provide all required OES documentation to do so. OES Generators are required to report using OES waybills.

The requirements to be approved as an OES Generator can be provided by an OES approved Processorand are detailed in the Processor Incentive Contract. If an organization applies to become an Generator and fails the applications process, there is a 6 month waiting period to reapply.

OES Generators can be registered by one or more OES-contracted processors but will need a unique OES-issued Generator Site Number that is issued by OES for purposes of waybill tracking for each registration.

All arrangements for pick-up, transportation, packing supplies, material tracking and processing are the OES Generator’s responsibility. OES does not provide these services for OES Generators.

Processor Incentive Arrangements and Payments

OES Generators are subject to terms and conditions as prescribed by the processor they choose to contract with. OES is not a party to the contracts between generators and processors.

All RQO-approved processors have signed a Processor Incentive Agreement with OES.

All Generators must review and sign the Generator Standard when they are registering themselves on the Material Tracking System (MTS).

Source documentation is collected solely for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the program. In the event that personal information is collected, generators must (i) obtain consent from individuals for the collection, use and sharing of their personal information for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the program, (ii) ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to protect the personal information and (iii) otherwise comply with applicable privacy law legislation.

In order to receive the PIP payment, OES-contracted processors are required to submit a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) and complete each waybill in accordance with OES Reporting and Waybill Requirements to be eligible for a PIP payment. For more information, please review our Processor Incentive Program section of this web site.

Promotion on RecycleMyElectronics.ca/on

OES Generators may list and/or edit their sites or events on the OES public-facing web site, www.recyclemyelectronics.ca/on, but the service and support to perform those actions must be coordinated through their OES-contracted processor.

OES Generator FAQ