The Processor Incentive Program (PIP) provides financial support to OES-approved Primary Processors to provide collection, transportation and processing services for residential as well as IC&I WEEE.

There are four distinct material categories and two incentive payment levels for eligible Phase 1 and 2 WEEE Program materials, as illustrated in the table below. Non-eligible program material includes products used outside of Ontario and transported into the province for recycling or refurbishment.

Rates effective October 1, 2012. Payment levels are based on calculated recycling efficiency rates, and are as follows:

Material Categories
Level 1
Recycling Efficiency Rate
Level 1
Level 2
Recycling Efficiency Rate
Level 2
Collection Incentive/Tonne
A) Display Devices 50% to 75% $400 >75% $600 $150
B) Desktop & Portable Computers 60% to 85% $150 >85% $300 $150
C) Other Program WEEE 60% to 85% $350 >85% $550 $150

Note: Effective May 7, 2013 floor standing printers, copiers and multi-function copiers and devices were not eligible for incentives under the optional Processor Incentive Program (PIP) per March, 2013 PIP Reform.

Shipping distance from generator to processor facility
Transportation Incentive/tonne
0-50 kms
51-100 kms
101-250 kms
250+ kms

1) Display devices captures Tvs ,CRT, Plasma, Flat Screen, Monitors, and All-in-one computers.

2) Desktop and Portable computers are captured in this category.

3) This category captures all designated computer peripherals, image, audio and video devices, home theater in a box, telephones and telephone answering machines, cellular devices and pagers, aftermarket vehicle image audio and video devices, desktop printing, copying, and multi-functional devices.

4) This category captures floor standing printing, copying and multi-functional devices.

Packaging materials (e.g., pallets, gaylords or bulk bags) are not provided by OES to Processors using the incentive program as they are entitled to a per tonne collection and transportation payment.

Only OES-approved Primary Processors (Processors) are eligible to process acceptable WEEE and receive incentive payments (based on their calculated efficiency rate) under the Processor Incentive Agreement.

Amendment to Processor Incentive Agreement – March 7th, 2013.
Amendment to Processor Incentive Agreement – September 22nd, 2014 .
Amendment to Processor Incentive Agreement – May 17th, 2016 .
Amendment to Processor Incentive Agreement – October 25th, 2016 .

For more information related to tracking, payments and waybills, etc. please visit the Processor Incentive (PI) Guidebook.

OES Generator FAQ

Note to Processors who are OES Collection Sites

Processors who wish to participate in the PI Program are not eligible to operate as OES Collectors. Once a Processor signs a PI Agreement, the OES Collector Agreement will terminate along with access to collection resources (i.e., OES P&E materials, packaging materials, pick-up services for collected WEEE and the Collection Incentive).

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