Reuser or Refurbisher FAQ

Reuse and Refurbishment (R&R) organizations in Ontario include a mix of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations that provide services that include: providing functioning WEEE to users without repairing or modifying the hardware; replacing, repairing or redistributing parts or equipment, and; sending any electronic waste for reprocessing to an OES-contracted primary processor. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Reusers/Refurbishers and their role at OES.

Our WEEE Reuse and Refurbishment Standard ensures that all activities meet data security requirements, and are conducted in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

No. The program allows reuse organizations to operate as they do currently, and provides the additional benefits of advertising and promotion, content promotion on, increased collection volumes, and relief from transportation and end-of-life processing costs.

A reuse/refurbish site receives an incentive for the refurbishment and subsequent reporting of reusable materials. In addition, a reuser/refurbisher can collect an incentive from OES, for any designated material that cannot be reused or refurbished, providing the WEEE arrives at the consolidation centre prepared for subsequent transport to an OES-contracted processor.

Yes. Your site must first meet the collection site requirements before you can be considered as a reuse/refurbishment site. Designated an OES Service Provider.

Approved R&R sites are searchable on