OES-Approved Transporters pick-up WEEE from OES-Approved Collection Sites around the province and move it to approved regional Consolidation or Repacking Centres, as follows:

  • Palletized Loads: Consolidators receive, inspect, and weigh palletized WEEE and transfer it into larger loads for distribution to OES-Approved Processors.
  • Roll-off Loads: Repacking facilities sort and palletize the material into the different Types of Material (A, B, C and F). Following this, the material is transported to a Consolidator.

All handling (transportation, consolidation and repacking) of WEEE must be done in accordance with Bill of Lading (BoL) procedures.

Becoming an Approved Transporter/Consolidator

Transporters and Consolidators that are interested in providing services for the program are asked to contact OES Operations

  • Transporters: following approval, OES will contact you as necessary to assist with transportation.
  • Consolidators: subject to approval by OES, approved consolidators are contracted to provide services, as needed for a specified period of time.