OES Board has approved amended OES Program Wind-Up Plan with an end-date of December 31, 2020.

The Wind-Up plan has been shared to RPRA and approved on August 16, 2019.

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Ontario Electronic Stewardship’s electronic recycling program makes it easier for industry to do what is best for the environment, and help keep old computers, televisions and other electronics out of landfill. The leaders of this important initiative—Stewards of designated Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)—are defined by Ontario’s WEEE Program Rules as:

  1. companies or organizations that are resident in Ontario;
  2. the Brand Owners, First Importers, Franchisors and/or Assemblers of designated Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE); and
  3. suppliers of EEE in Ontario.

If your organization is a Steward of EEE, you are legally obligated to register with OES, file monthly reports and pay applicable fees on the EEE you supply into Ontario.

How do I Register?

OES has an online Stewardship Registration and Reporting system for companies who have determined they are obligated Stewards or companies who wish to register and participate in the Remitter’s (see below) process.

Following registration, approved companies will receive a steward number and unique user login ID. Users will be able to create their own passwords. Stewards and Remitters, are required to file monthly Steward Reports.

What is a Remitter or Sub-Remitter?

An organization or company can enter into a voluntary Remitter’s Agreement with the Steward that supplies them with EEE Products.  The organization then becomes a “Remitter” and can file monthly reports and pay fees to OES on behalf of that Steward, for the EEE that the Steward supplied them.An organization may also enter into a secondary (also voluntary) Sub-Remitter’s Agreement with a Remitter in order to report and pay fees to OES on behalf of the Remitter. This organization becomes a “Sub-Remitter.”

Learn more about Remitters and Sub-Remitters.

Are distributors or retailers of your electronic products willing to enter into Agreements to report and pay fees to OES on your behalf?

Steward Self-Manage Option

The Steward Self-Manage Option was designed to allow Stewards who are currently self-managing (recycle) their EEE at the end of its life with a way to continue to do so under the OES Program.  Following an evaluation and approval by OES, the Steward who self-manages their EEE is not absolved from their legal obligation under the OES Program. They may be exempt from remitting the full amount of the EHF, in lieu of paying a portion of common costs.

If your company is currently operating a self-managed program or wants to learn more about this option, please email: customerservice@ontarioes.ca.