Organizations that submit monthly Steward Reports can download electronic invoices through the Stewardship Registration and Reporting system.

Invoices are emailed to users with the right level of access immediately after report submission.

After logging into the Reporting and Remitting System, users with access to invoices can download an invoice by clicking on “Reporting History”. Be sure to deactivate any pop-up blocker on your system or you may be prevented from downloading. Invoices are generated in an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file format.

Payment Options

Stewards (as well as their Remitters/Sub-Remitters) can make payments by cheque, through online electronic banking or through wire transfer.

    • For payments by cheque to Ontario Electronic Stewardship, please note our new address for remittances and enclose a copy of your invoice when mailing to:
      Ontario Electronic Stewardship
      C/O T09783C
      PO Box 9783, STN A
      Toronto, ON M5W 1R6


    • For online bill payments through your bank, please select Payee: Ontario Electronic Stewardship. Please include your steward number and invoice number in the description where possible when paying online.


    • For wire transfers, please contact for details
Please include HST in your submission of payment to OES.

When paying your invoice by EFT or wire transfer, please include the OES steward numbers when paying your account. Your former four digit application number has been replaced by a RON###### Steward number.


Non-complying Stewards may be subject to enforcement actions by the Ministry of the Environment as prescribed under Sections 36 – 41 of the Waste Diversion Act (WDA). Obligated Stewards and Remitters who fail to pay applicable EEE Fees may be subject to a penalty of 10% of the obligated EEE Fees due and payable. Interest may be charged at the Interest Rate (as defined in the Rules) on any outstanding balance due.

Companies who are registered with OES and current with their monthly reporting and fees are considered to be in good standing with OES and, subsequently, in compliance with the Waste Diversion Act (WDA), and Program Rules.