Under the OES waste electronics recycling program, an organization who is not an obligated Steward can enter into a  voluntary Remitter’s Agreement with a Steward that supplies them with EEE products. The organization becomes a “Remitter.”

  • A Remitter’s Agreement allows an organization to file monthly reports and pay fees to OES on behalf of that Steward for the EEE that the Steward supplied them for the Ontario market.
  • The Remitter may also enter into a secondary (also voluntary) Agreement with an organization who wishes to report and pay fees to OES on behalf of the Remitter. This organization becomes a “Sub-Remitter.”
  • A single company can be a Steward, Remitter and/or Sub-Remitter and can enter into multiple Agreements.  Each Agreement, however, is unique and requires OES approval.

A Steward’s legal obligation does not transfer to other parties under any type of Agreement.

Although the Remitter or Sub-Remitter takes over the reporting and fee payment tasks from the Steward, Stewards are still legally obligated for the EEE that they supply in the Ontario market.

Further, Stewards are required to file each monthly report for the designated EEE units NOT supplied to any Remitter. If the Steward has Agreements for all products sold into the Ontario market, the Steward is still required to file Report indicating zero units supplied.

An Organization needs to register only once, regardless off the different roles (status) it may assume (e.g., obligated Steward and/or voluntary Remitter/Sub-Remitter). Similarly, only a single monthly report is filed.

Becoming a Remitter and/or a Sub-Remitter


  1. The Steward and the organization who wants to be a Remitter and report/pay on the Stewards’ behalf must register with OES. See Apply & Register for more information.
  2. The Steward, Remitter organization and OES must agree to the terms and conditions of the Remitter’s Agreement, accessible through the Stewardship Registration and Reporting system.


  1. The Remitter organization and the organization who wants to be a Sub-Remitter and report/pay on the Remitter’s behalf must register with OES. See Apply & Register for registration information.
  2. The Remitter, Sub-Remitter and OES must agree to the terms and conditions of the Sub-Remitter’s Agreement, accessible through the Steward Registration and Reporting System, available to registered organizations.

Remitter/Sub-Remitter Scenario

A Manufacturer/Brand Owner sells a product to a Distributor who then sells it to a Retailer. If the Retailer wishes to remit fees on behalf of the Manufacturer, the following must be in effect:

  1. The Steward – in this case the Manufacturer/Brand Owner-must have a Remitter’s Agreement with the Distributor (the Remitter)
  2. The Distributor(remitter) must have a Sub-Remitter’s Agreement with the Retailer (Sub-Remitter)


Sample Remitter’s and Sub-Remitter’s Agreements are available below. Schedule A contains a list of brands associated with the Agreement and is updated monthly as organizations add, delete and modify brand lists.

OES must approve of each Remitter/Sub-Remitter Agreement for it to be valid.

Agreements have no expiration date and can be cancelled by any party, at any time.