“We were approached by the OES to work with them before all of the changes took place and now together in three years we have redirected in excess of 600,000 lbs of waste electronics from some 10 local landfills in North Eastern Ontario. A win-win situation for everyone!”
Janice LaRocque, Owner, JPL Storage (July 2013)
“The OES program is the best thing that have ever happened for a safe , secure, controlled recycling of electronics. If there is no program there will be chaos. Low grade material will end up in landfill, at the side of the road and everywhere.”
Ramharrack Faerber, Owner, Ram’s Miracle AMMIF E-Waste (August 2013)
“OES has provided our community a great service by offering a means to divert electronic waste that would otherwise be landfilled. Thank you for including Northern Ontario in your program!”
Katherine Alton, Public Services Executive Secretary, Longlac & Geraldton Landfills (August 2013)
“We are pleased to be a participant in a program that encourages the recycling of items that previously ended up in our landfill and provides us with the opportunity to divert approximately 500 cubic meters of materials on an annual basis.”
Bob Moore, Public Works Assistant, Township of Drummond/North Elmsley (August 2013)
“I have been a part of the OES Roll Off program since inception. From the beginning, OES staff and myself were on a first name basis, I have known them all to be very helpful. The program itself, has provided the Municipality of West Nipissing with an efficient and reliable end of life management system for old and unwanted electrical and electronic equipment.”
Jason Sullivan, Waste Diversion Coordinator, Municipality of West Nipissing Landfill (August 2013)
“This is probably one of the most effective programs at our waste disposal sites. We are very pleased that we partnered with OES.”
Peggy Harris, Municipal Services Assistant, Municipality of Grey Highlands (August 2013)
“We have been in the TV electronics business for 46 years. Thirty eight selling and servicing and the last 8 years just TV repairs. It is so great to have the recycling program in place after having to take the retired sets to the dump. We feel it is our duty to help with the OES program and convince many others to participate as well.”
Kate Buelow, Owner, Colborne’s TV and Stereo Ltd. (August 2013)
“The Township of Papineau-Cameron is very pleased with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship program to collect electronic waste. The community has welcomed the program enthusiastically and it is great to see the volume that is not going into the landfill..”
Jason McMartin, Clerk-Treasurer, Township of Papineau-Cameron (June 2013)