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Accessibility and Convenience. Two critical components in a successful waste electrical and electronic equipment WEEE recycling program. Already Canadas largest provincial WEEE program in 2014 Ontario Electronic Stewardship OES expanded its scope even further by adding 57 OES new collection sites increasing the number of collection points to 593. Over 96.5 of Ontario residents live within 10 kilometers of a collection point making recycling of end-of-life electronics EOLE that much more convenient. 2014 also marked the 5 year anniversary of the OES program in Ontario. On behalf of industry stewards OES has safely and securely collected and recycled over 300000 metric tonnes of end-of-life electronics since August 2009. And with one of the highest per capita recycling rates in the country Ontarians have diverted over 67 million devices from our provinces landfills and environment. These are just a few highlights of our many accomplishments this year. As the Chair of the OES Board I am proud to be a part of this successful program and honored to present this Annual Report. As we reflect on the successes of our program to date it is important to also look to the future to see what may affect our program of tomorrow. The trend for manufacturers to build greater sustainability into their products by designing consumer electronics that are multi-functional and lighter is a very positive one. Miniaturization and the use of fewer resources is something we all embrace. The reduction in the weight of products collected in the program is indicative of the first R Reduce which we see in the products currently being brought to market. On behalf of the OES Board I would like to acknowledge and thank Executive Director Melanie Wilde for her strong leadership of the program. As a former General Manager in the Canadian consumer electronics and manufacturing sector Melanie brings to OES a wealth of industry experience and an understanding of consumer business and steward perspectives as she works to effectively and efficiently steward the management the OES program in 2014 and beyond. As we close off 2014 and look forward to 2015 I wish to thank my fellow board members OES and EPRA staff our stewards and all of our other stakeholders for their important role in helping to make this year a successful one for OES and e-recycling in the province. Also we would be remiss if we did not thank the residents and businesses of Ontario who continue to recycle their EOLE through our program. By working together we are helping to support a cleaner environment for today and for tomorrow. Nick Aubry Chair Ontario Electronic Stewardship Message from the Chair of OES 2 Nick Aubry