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2014 was a significant year for Ontarios waste electrical and electronic equipment WEEE diversion program. It marked the five year anniversary of the program a time to both reflect on our accomplishments and look forward to what is yet to come. Over the five year history of the program we have collected 24kg per capita or 67 million devices from every Ontario resident. Looking back to the time when the program started feels like a look down technology memory lane. In 2009 I returned my computer to the program separate CRT monitor and desktop. Today I hold more computing power in my hand in the form of my tablet. In August as we celebrated the 5 year anniversary of the program we had many significant milestones to celebrate. In addition to surpassing the 300000 tonnes collected milestone we also celebrated some of our most successful events in program history. In April we held a two day collection event within the Chinese community that collected a record breaking 96 tonnes. Take a look at page 11 for event highlights including how 15 Girl Guides from Orleans have become incredible e-recycling advocates. In addition we helped support Grade 9 10 teachers by provided e-recycling content that works within the curriculum requirement on both Electricity and Climate Change. Accessibility of the program remains strong. 96.5 of all Ontario residents live within 10 km of a drop off location. May 1 2014 OES was able to bring Environmental Handling Fees down in four categories. Program fees are established based on the cost recovery methodology put in place in 2013 in accordance with regulatory direction. This model supports the financial health and stability to the program by allowing for the provision of operating reserves material category deficit recovery and annual recovery of actual costs by material category. I appreciate the warm welcome to the program from the Stakeholders and Service providers when I started last April. The open frank discussions I have had with Processors and Municipalities have provided insight on how we can continue to shape a program in response to changing technology and market conditions. In 2015 we look forward to increasing awareness with education programming and integrated meaningful messaging. We expect to hold hundreds of best in class collection events throughout the year. Plus we will continue to build a financially healthy program as we work to introduce efficiencies. OES remains dedicated to running a program that is effective efficient and convenient for everyone that calls Ontario home. Melanie Wilde Executive Director Ontario Electronic Stewardship 3 Message fROm the Executive Director Melanie Wilde