PROMOTION & EDUCATION SUM MARY OF MARQU EE PRO MOTIONAL EVENTS Liberty Village Collection Event The Liberty Village Marquee Event featured a live radio remote by Indie88. In the weeks leading up to the event there was also a “pick-up hotline” allowing area businesses to arrange for on-site pick-up of their out- of-use electronics. In addition 15 business displayed event posters in their windows and 15 condos featured postcards in their lobbies. There was a total of 1000 on-site interactions and 2.2 tonnes of end-of-life electronics collected. Evergreen Brick Works Collection Event OES teamed up with Indie88 at Evergreen Brick Works to promote the message of responsible electronics recycling to over 519,000 listeners throughout the GTA. The one day event promoted the key program messages of responsible end-of-life management of electronics, collecting 2.3 tonnes and generating 623,000 impressions. Woodside Square Collection Event The return to Woodside Square was once again a great success, garnering media attention throughout Chinese media print and radio outlets with a large community turn out at the event. Featuring a live-on-location remote from Fairchild Radio, the one day event collected 63.9 tonnes of end-of-life electronics and generated 6,107,660 impressions. Lansdowne Place, Peterborough Event Leading up to the collection event the Recycle Your Electronics street team interacted with 435 people at the Peterborough Musicfest. The day of the event featured a live radio remote with Wolf FM, collected 2 tonnes of end-of-life electronics and reached 278,000 impressions. Home Hardware Building Centre, Orillia Event Featuring a live-on-location remote from Rock 95 the Orillia the event generated 700+ interactions, collected 2.5 tonnes of end-of-life electronics and reached 163,956 impressions. Light-weighting, consolidation and miniaturization of products is a continuing trend in the electronics industry and poses challenges for accurate program metrics and measures. CRT CONSOLE L C D AND LED TYPE SCRE E N S DESKTOP COMPUTERS 27 kgs/60 lbs LAPTOP COMPUTERS 2.9 kgs/6.4 lbs TABLET 453 g/1 lb SMART PHONE 136 g/4.8 oz 81% LIGHTER OES is mentoring the light-weighting trend and recommends non weight based measures for evaluating an effective program. Measures such as awareness and accessibility are proving meaningful. EMERGING TOPIC REGARDING THE PROGRAM 17 18