3.0 SERVICE PROVIDER INDICATORS 3.1 SERVICE PROVIDERS OVERVIEW 3.2 SERVICE PROVIDER COMPLIANCE OVERVIEW TA BL E 3.0 TYPE OF SERVICE PROVIDER The OES program collects end-of-life electronics through a network of approved collection sites and generators registered by RQO-approved Primary Processors who contract with OES Processors. All Processors have been successfully audited against the Recycler Qualification Program (RQP). The current network of service providers delivered sufficient capacity to effectively process all the collected tonnes. OES ensures that our service providers comply with program requirements. Both our service providers and our stakeholders have a mutual interest in reinforcing program standards and protecting program integrity through compliance. OES Service Providers enter into contracts with OES and are accountable to meet and fulfill regulated program requirements. Sanctions include repayment of incentives or recovery of fees paid, through to suspension and termination from the program. OES has entered into a range of agreements and contracts with various service providers. In order to transport materials between OES collection points through consolidation to Processors, OES utilizes a network of transporters, re-packers and consolidation companies contracted on a RFQ basis. Under the PI program, qualified generators supply used electronics to Processors for end-of-life management. OES pays an incentive to the Processor for documented eligible program material they have received for processing. Compliance is a strict requirement for all service providers who must meet OES requirements and standards. All compliance risk management efforts are posted on our website and presented in Table 4 below, which capture annual activities. Type of Service Provider OES Primary Processors OES Reuse Refurbishers Consolidation Companies Supplies, Special Services and Re-packers Transportation Companies OES Collectors Total OES Approved Sites 11 29 9 38 64 902 12