5.1 REUSE AND REFURBISHMENT 5.1 REUSE AND REFURBISHMENT In 2017, a total of 28 organizations representing 29 OES reuse sites participated in reuse collection. TA BL E 9.0 - SU M M ARY OF REUSE/ REF URBISH M ENT ACTI VITY IN 2017 Material Category Actual Kgs Desktop Computers Portable Computers Desktop Printing, Copying and Multi-Function Devices Telephones and Telephone Answering Machines Floor-Standing Printing, Copying and Multi-Function Devices Cellular Devices and Pagers Computer Peripherals Total Material Categories Display Devices Image, Audio & Video Devices Display Devices Home/Non-Portable Aftermarket Vehicle 197,533 193,024 647,218 83,773 2,628,483 Computer Monitors Personal/Portable Home Theatre in a Box (HTB) 311,242 1,195,693 22