24 Promotion and education remain crucial components of the OES WEEE Program. It supports all activities and informs Ontario residents on the importance of safely and securely recycling their end-of-life electronics while also providing information on safe and convenient drop-off locations. OES expanded on its communications strategy in 2017, by focusing on the recoverable resources inside end-of-life electronics and promoting this message at Earth Week and Waste Reduction Week events, through new media partnerships and with the new interactive Recycle My Electronics Mobile Classroom. 6.1 QUALITATIVE MARKET RESEARCH AND PROGRAM AWARENESS: OES commissioned Ipsos Reid to measure brand awareness of the program in 2017. Ipsos Reid conducted survey research among adults living in Ontario and data was weighted to reflect the adult population of Ontario by region, age and gender. Awareness increased by 1% over 2016 to 66%. 2017 Brand Awareness Research Results: 6.0 PROMOTION & EDUCATION 2017 Brand Awareness 66% 18–34 59% 35–54 58% 55+ 68%