6.0 PROMOTION & EDUCATION 27 Vice Media OES worked with partners Vice Media through their tech channel Motherboard to produce two articles that were promoted through social activation on Facebook and Twitter. The campaign vastly outperformed internal article benchmarks and hit an appropriate and engaged audience. The results included: 25,819 Article Clicks. 27,198 Social Engagements (total likes, comments, shares). 3.68% Engagement Rate (30% above benchmark). 86% of traffic reached the 18 to 44-year-old target audience. The overall digital performance of this campaign was excellent, with impression delivery 39% above goal. 6.4 PUBL IC R ELATI ONS MEDIA PARTNER SH I PS: The Toronto Star & Metro News OES worked with TorStar to deliver targeted media through both TheStar.com and MetroNews.ca. This campaign was featured only in the digital environment and did not include print. The campaign was a tremendous success accredited to strategic planning, which leveraged learnings from the previous campaign. A total of four pieces of content (two videos, two articles) were promoted within TheStar.com and MetroNews.ca and, overall, the four pieces received 7,255 page views — 140% of the delivery goal. The Recycle My Electronics Fall Campaign generated over 2.8MM+ impressions. During Waste Reduction Week, the campaign drove maximum impact with selective mass awareness tactics, using only the ones that performed well during Earth Week on the Spring Campaign. Within just one week, it achieved over 2.4MM impressions and drove over 19K clicks to the site.