6.0 PROMOTION & EDUCATION 29 6.5 THE E P RA RECYCLE MY E L E C TRONI CS M OBI LE CLASSRO O M In 2017, the importance of end-of-life electronics recycling was presented to the public in a fun, interactive and immersive way. The successful launch of the EPRA Recycle My Electronics Mobile Classroom was utilized by OES to raise awareness in a self-contained, hands-on environment. This Mobile Classroom, made from a customized shipping container, features videos and games designed to both educate and entertain visitors about why they should recycle their old, unused electronics. As well as being a mobile information centre, the container also serves as a collection bin for visitors to drop off their end-of-electronics on the spot. The Mobile Classroom was set up on location at festivals and fall fairs with on-site event staff to interact with the public and spread the word about the importance of recycling end-of-life electronics. The events included the Roncesvalles Polish Festival, the Milton Fall Fair, the Markham Fall Fair, the Norfolk County Fair and the Waterfront Artisan Market. 6.6 COMMUNITY OUTREACH OES conducted 377 Collection Events in 2017. There were three Marquee Collection Events and one B2B Collection Drive held in 2017, some featuring live-on-location radio remotes. One of the events was a successful return to the Chinese community at Woodside Square and to Evergreen Brick Works. These events were all supported with new event kits, including promotional signs for use on the event day. During our campaign timeframes, the Marquee Collection Events collected 90 tonnes of end-of-life electronics and generated 10,387,289 total impressions and an average increase in web traffic of 41.3%. Summary of Marquee Promotional Events & B2B Collection Drive Earth Week Woodside Square: OES held its annual Earth Week outreach and collection event focusing on the Chinese community. The event, held at Woodside Square, featured signage in traditional Chinese, bilingual event staff and an on-site radio remote with Fairchild Radio. The event resulted in the collection of 63.7 metric tonnes of end-of-life electronics.