2.0 STEWARD INDICATORS 2.1 STEWARD OVERVIEW All manufacturers, retailers, distributors and other suppliers of regulated electronic products in or into Ontario are obliged to register with OES and pay fees to fund the costs of the OES program. Stewards (obligated companies) or Remitters (companies who have assumed the reporting responsibilities from Stewards) register, report and pay fees to OES based on units supplied into the Ontario market. Notified companies since program start Active Remitter/ Sub-Remitter Agreements Steward Self-Managed EEE Units Cancelled Remitter/ Sub-Remitter Agreements Total units reported 5,109 27,513,674 6,264 920,034 Notified companies Total New Agreements Total Kilograms of WEEE Self-Managed Total fees remitted 43 $55,543,686 93 147,144 kg recycled 647,177 kg reused/refurbished 171 Remitter Agreements 180 Sub-Remitter Agreements 2017 STEWARD INDICATORS Total Stewards/ Remitters/ Sub-Remitter 938 8 Statistic provided by EPSC Design for Environment, 2016 Statistic provided by EPSC Design for Environment, 2016 TABLE 1.0 A) - SUMMARY OF STEWARD INDICATORS